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AVExperts will create a seamless integrated platform for your home or business that you the client can control from one of a number of many different touch panels and or mobile devices from in the home or off site. This may consist of:

What it all means to you, the owner




Want to be able to control the system remotely? 

You’re at your office all day and the only thing you want to do when you get home is to sit in your Hot Tub, but don’t feel like waiting for the water to get to the Temp you want. You can adjust the Temp of the Hot Tub from your office computer before getting home!


Own a Secondary Home?

Instead of walking into a hot house and having to wait for the air conditioning to get the temperature to a comfortable temperature; with a Control system you can log into the home and turn the AC ON remotely!   Having a contractor over to do work on your house?   Let’s say you have a plumber coming into the house to do some work, but you don’t want to give him the password to your alarm.   No problem, you can log into your home from any computer and disarm the alarm. We can even go as far as unlocking the door too.


Having a Holiday party?  

Want to play some music in select areas (Kitchen, Front/Rear porch, Foyer, and Living) around your home. From any Touch Panel in the house you can simply select; the audio source of your desire and turn ON the areas you wish to hear it in. Have Pre-set Party Modes where select rooms would come on to the Volume, Source, and Channel you choice.

Going on Vacation?   With a lighting system, you can select a Record Feature which will record a month’s worth of your family’s light switch pushes. When you leave for Vacation, you just hit the Play Feature and it will play them back. Making the house seem like someone is home!

Want HD Surveillance Cameras?

With our camera systems you can protect and monitor entrances to your home as well as secure your interior spaces with discrete cameras.  Easily access live view or recordings via your smartphone, tablets or computer, inside your home or away.

Our work



Services we can integrate into your new smart home.

Our Work

Some of the work we have done over the years.  


 Complete satisfaction is what we strive for at AVExperts.  


Some of the Authorized Brands we carry.

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We are excited to start designing your new smart home!



"Audio Visual Experts have done numerous jobs in my house. They have always been professional and courteous in the job that they do. Their work is always clean and treat your house like it is their own. Their work has always been top notch and would think of no one else when it comes to Audio Visual installations. I recommend them highly."

Joseph Costabile JR. IB Expense Reporting, Met Life, Inc.

"My initial exposure to Audio Visual Experts was when they implemented an extensive installation throughout an office building. As a result of that exposure, I have engaged them on two separate ocassions, both of which required significant effort bringing systems through walls, basement and attic. In both cases the work performed was of the highest caliber and conducted with the utmost level of professionalism. As further testament to their work, I have not hesitated to refer them to a number of individuals including my son, various neighbors and my Daughter's future in-laws. Each of them had the same experience that I had and in turn referred them on to others. James, Matt and the rest of their team are truly experts in the Audio/Visual field and the name of their company reflects their ability. If you have a need for advice and/or installation these are the folks to talk to."

Ray Arello


We have been serving the Tri-State area since 2005 and have been in the industry since 1998. 

At Audio Visual Experts our primary goal is “customer satisfaction.”  To ensure that we meet this goal, an A/V specialist will first meet with the prospective client and walk through the home or business in an effort to determine what the customer envisions for their home or business.   Pricing is an important part of this process and there are different products, layouts and systems that can add to the overall price of an installation.  However, based on our understanding of what specific products offer and what we have learned from the client we can make recommendations on configurations in order to satisfy needs while staying within budget.  Before beginning a detailed quote and estimated time to completion will be provided.  Finally, the installation specialist will provide an overview of the installed system and will ensure that you are satisfied with the work performed prior to leaving your residence.

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